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Arteta Firmly Denies Barcelona Buzz, Reaffirms Arsenal Allegiance

Mikel Arteta silences the Barcelona coaching rumors, reaffirming his commitment to Arsenal's #PremierLeague chase. The Gunners' boss labels the buzz as 'fake news', keeping his eyes on that crucial third-place. #Arteta #Arsenal #NoDistractions 🛑⚽🔴

“Arteta Affirms Allegiance to Arsenal Amid Barcelona Buzz: In a resolute response to swirling speculation, Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta quashes rumors of taking over Barcelona’s coaching mantle, branding such talk as ‘fake news.’ The focused Spaniard underlines his dedication to the Gunners’ Premier League pursuit, dismissing distractions as they cling to a vital third-place spot in the standings.”

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