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Evra Slams VAR Blunder in Euro 2024: Xavi Simons’ Disallowed Goal Sparks Outrage

Patrice Evra blasts VAR for denying Xavi Simons's goal in #Euro2024, sparking fury over the system's reliability. Is it time to rethink video refereeing? ⚽🔍 #VARcontroversy #Evra #NetherlandsVsFrance
Image source: completesports.com

“Evra Slams VAR Blunder in Euro 2024: Xavi Simons’s Disallowed Goal Sparks Outrage” – Ex-Manchester United star Patrice Evra calls out VAR for controversially nixing a legitimate Netherlands strike against France, questioning the eyesight of video referees and stirring debate over the system’s efficacy.

Netherlands, Patrice Evra

Sources: completesports.com