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Euro 2024: Surprises Abound as Exeter City Soars, Michelob Ultra Takes Center Stage

🏆 Upsets & high stakes at #EURO2024's electrifying start! ⚽️ #ExeterCity lands a major #ProDirect deal, while #MichelobUltra toasts to a partnership with #MLS & #CONCACAF. Don't miss the drama, the deals, and the debate over ticket costs! 🍻⚽️💸 #SoccerNews #SportsBiz
Image source: i.dailymail.co.uk

“EURO 2024 Kicks Off with Upsets and High Prices; Exeter City Scores Pro:Direct Deal; Michelob Ultra Cheers for MLS and CONCACAF” – Dive into a thrilling first week of Euro 2024, Exeter’s fresh sponsorship triumph, and a landmark beer alliance with soccer’s top North American leagues. Get close to the action as Germany shines and Belgium stumbles, while fans eye hefty ticket prices for a live experience.

Michelob Ultra, Slovakia

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