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Cucurella’s Confidence in Maresca: Leveraging Leicester’s Success at Chelsea; Tems Drives Nigeria’s Women’s Football Forward; Motsepe’s AFCON Vision Paves the Way for Africa’s Rising Stars

🔵 Cucurella endorses Maresca's vision for Chelsea's triumph, mirroring Leicester's glory. 🎶 Tems champions growth in Nigerian women's football. 🌍 CAF eyes a landmark AFCON in Morocco. The pitch is set for an exhilarating future! #CFC #NigerianFootball #AFCON2023 #Morocco
Image source: completesports.com

“Chelsea’s Cucurella Backs Maresca for Success; Tems Eyes Nigerian Women’s Football Boost; CAF Optimistic on Historic Morocco AFCON” – Uniting under new leadership at Chelsea, Cucurella expresses faith in Maresca’s ability to mirror Leicester’s achievements, while Grammy-winner Tems gears up to empower Nigeria’s women’s soccer scene. Amidst this, CAF’s Motsepe sets sights on a momentous Morocco-hosted AFCON, heralding a bright future for African football.

Morocco, Enzo Maresca

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