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Inter Miami Faces Fan Outrage as Messi Benching Looms Over Funding

🚨 Fans outraged as #Messi remains benched in Hong Kong! Despite a 4-1 win, Inter Miami faces backlash, refund calls, and funding cut threats. Pre-season promises unmet, chemistry questioned. #InterMiami #MessiBenching #SoccerDrama #HongKongMatch 🚨

“Messi Benching in Hong Kong Stirs Fan Fury: Inter Miami Faces Backlash and Threat of Funding Cuts” – Despite a 4-1 victory, Inter Miami left 38,000 fans fuming after Messi stayed benched due to injury, sparking refund demands and government funding threats. As pre-season woes mount with fitness concerns, the club’s promise of a ‘Messi and Suarez tour’ falls short, undermining fan expectations and the team’s on-field chemistry.

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