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From Banished Star to Redemption: Amone’s Comeback Journey; India’s Supercross Readies for Global Spotlight with ISRL January Debut.

Ex-NRL star Amone eyes a powerful comeback post-ban, calling it a 'blessing in disguise'. Meanwhile, ISRL's debut in India promises a supercross spectacle, with local heroes revving up for global recognition. 🏁🏍️ #NRLComeback #ISRL #SupercrossIndia #Sports18 #JioCinema

“Fall and Rise: Ex-NRL Star Amone Targets Redemption Post-Ban, Eyes ‘Blessing in Disguise’ Comeback; ISRL’s Engine Roars as India’s Supercross Eyes Global Spotlight with January Debut, Promising Thrills and Local Heroes on the Track. Tune in to Sports18 & JioCinema.”

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