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Mic Moments and History: Thomas’ Language Stirs Controversy, Ohanian Connects over Golf; Wyndham Clark Shines at Pebble Beach with Record 60, Malixi Makes Her Mark in Thailand

Justin Thomas' language stirs controversy as Wyndham Clark makes history at Pebble Beach with a stunning 60. Ohanian shares golf love with his daughter, while Rianne Malixi eyes victory in Thailand. ⛳️ #GolfDrama #RecordScores #JustinThomas #WyndhamClark #RianneMalixi

“Controversial Mic Moments and Historic Scores Dominate Golf Headlines: Justin Thomas’ on-course language sparks debate, while Ohanian bonds with daughter over golf. Wyndham Clark etches his name in Pebble Beach lore with a record 12 under 60, as Rianne Malixi’s impressive iron play positions her for victory in Thailand.”

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