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Rajon Rondo’s Rocky Road: From All-Star to Courtroom Star

NBA's Rajon Rondo's shocking arrest on gun & drug charges stirs debate on athletes' off-court lives. The ex-Cavalier's Feb 27 court date looms. Will his legacy rebound? 🏀⚖️ #NBARondoArrest #SportsLaw #AthleteTroubles

“NBA Star’s Fall from Grace: Rajon Rondo Arrested for Gun and Drug Charges in Indiana” – Two-time champion and ex-Cavalier Rajon Rondo faces legal hurdles after a traffic stop unveils a firearm and drugs, calling attention to his troubled off-court history, including a 2022 no-contact order. The sports community looks on as the once-celebrated athlete confronts his misdemeanors with a looming February 27 court date.

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