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NBA’s Slam Dunk Galas: Stars, McClung Vie for Crown; Whitmore Prefers League Impact

🏀 High-flying thrills on the horizon! Who will soar in the #NBA Dunk Contest? McClung aims to keep his crown, while Whitmore's 40.5" leap waits for its moment. The stage is set at Lucas Oil Stadium. #SlamDunkGala #AllStarWeekend

“High-Flying Drama Awaits: NBA’s Slam Dunk Gala Invites Stars, McClung to Defend Crown; Whitmore Shuns Limelight for Now. As anticipation mounts for the NBA All-Star Dunk Contest at Lucas Oil Stadium, eyes are on the undecided aces and the defending champ, while rising star Cam Whitmore plays the long game, focusing on his league imprint despite his 40.5-inch vertical prowess.”

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