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Tatum’s Triumph: Celtics Roar Back, Slay Pelicans 118-112

🏀 From brink to triumph, the Celtics stage a stunning rally! Tatum's 26 points fuel a 118-112 comeback win over the Pelicans, snapping their home skid. No lead is safe when Boston hits the court! #CelticsComeback #Tatum #NBA 🏆

“Celtics Rally to Victory: Tatum’s 26 Ignites Comeback, Ends Home Skid”

Going from a 17-point deficit to a victorious comeback, the Boston Celtics surge past the New Orleans Pelicans with a 118-112 win. Jayson Tatum drops 26 points, while Jaylen Brown doubles up with 22 points and 11 rebounds. This critical victory sees the Celtics shake off a looming home losing streak and a sense of complacency, reminding the league that every win must be earned.

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