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Jokic’s Triple-Double Dominance Lifts Nuggets Over Bucks as Embiid Absence Ignites MVP Race Fury

🏀 Nikola Jokic's 14th triple-double leads Nuggets past Bucks, stirring the MVP debate as Embiid's mysterious absence raises eyebrows. The race for the top heats up! #NBA #Jokic #MVP #NuggetsVsBucks #EmbiidControversy

“Nikola Jokic’s Triple-Double Mastery Spurs Nuggets Past Bucks as Embiid’s Absence Sparks MVP Race Controversy” – In a display of skillful dominance, Nikola Jokic clinches his 14th triple-double, propelling Denver Nuggets to victory over Milwaukee Bucks. Amidst the backdrop of Doc Rivers’ debut as the Bucks’ coach, controversy courted Joel Embiid, whose game absence for the 76ers under unclear circumstances raises questions about his MVP eligibility, adding fuel to Jokic’s candidature. As the MVP debate heats up, the 76ers face the critical need for a healthy Embiid to chase their long-awaited championship dream.

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