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Green’s Golden Omissions: Conduct vs. Talent in the Olympic Snub

**Draymond Green’s Olympic Snub Attributed to Conduct Concerns**

USA Basketball has drawn a line in the sand with on-court behavior, sidelining Draymond Green from the Paris Olympics player pool. Despite his golden contributions in previous Games, Green’s duo of suspensions this season has overshadowed his prowess, leaving him off the initial 41-player list. While Green watches from the sidelines, colleagues Chris Paul and Stephen Curry remain in contention, juxtaposed against the irony of Warriors coach Steve Kerr helming Team USA. The final roster cut looms in the midst of the NBA playoffs in May, excluding past All-Stars and signaling a stern stance on player discipline. This exclusion reflects not only on Green’s sporadic volatility but also on USA Basketball’s commitment to uphold a standard of conduct, even at the expense of talent and experience.

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