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Dejan’s Legacy: Golden State’s Emotional Salute in Victory over Atlanta

The Golden State Warriors delivered a poignant homage to late assistant coach Dejan Milojevic with pre-game ceremonies that struck a chord throughout the arena. Donning black “Brate” shirts inscribed with “DM” badges, a gesture they’ve committed to all season, the Warriors showcased a deep sense of camaraderie. A solemn yet touching tribute featured Milojevic’s vacant bench spot, draped with his shirt and adorned with a white rose, while a video montage played highlighting his impactful legacy. In their first game without Milojevic, the team displayed resilience and unity, outscoring the Atlanta Hawks 134-112. Sharpshooters Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson combined for a score surge, contributing to an overall robust team performance with seven players hitting double figures. The evening’s emotional zenith was reached with both teams lining together for the Serbian national anthem, a collective bow to Milojevic’s heritage. A strategic conclusion from this somber yet spirited occasion suggests that the Warriors have channelled the profound loss into a rallying force, a testament to their resolve and a touching honor to their beloved coach’s memory.

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