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Jayson Tatum Near-Triple-Double Powers Celtics over Heat 110-106, Sweeping 3-0 Season Victory

Jayson Tatum's near-triple-double leads Celtics to a commanding 110-106 win over the Heat, sweeping the season series 3-0. Injuries plague Miami, but the Boston rivalry heats up! 🏀🔥 #CelticsWin #TatumDominance #NBA #BostonVsMiami #RivalryRenewed

“Jayson Tatum shines with near-triple-double as Celtics overpower Heat 110-106, asserting dominance with a 3-0 season sweep. Despite Miami’s heart, they fall short amidst Butler’s absence and injuries, while a fiery clash between Robinson and Brown encapsulates the escalating rivalry. Tatum and Porzingis lead Boston to triumph despite the Heat’s late resurgence.”

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