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Revolutionary LED Court: A Spectacular Sight at NBA All-Star Weekend!

πŸ€ Step into the future of basketball! The #NBAAllStar game is leveling up with a cutting-edge LED glass court by #ASBGlassFloor. Live replays & enhanced tracking await at Lucas Oil Stadium, Feb 16-17. Don't miss this snazzy tech transformation! #NBARevolution #BasketballInnovation 🌟

“NBA Revolutionizes All-Star Experience with Pioneering LED Glass Court Techβ€”A Snazzy Eight-Year Gem Unveiled! The All-Star weekend ups its game with an innovative LED court crafted by ASB GlassFloor, showcasing live replays and enhancing player tracking. Witness basketball’s thrilling skills face-offs and celeb showdowns on this futuristic platform, while the All-Star Game honors tradition on hardwood. This FIBA-approved marvel is set to dazzle fans on February 16-17 at Lucas Oil Stadium.”

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