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Curry’s Crossroads: Balancing Legacy vs. Trading Dynasty’s Future

At the crossroads of legacy & urgency, the #Warriors must decide: build around Curry or risk stagnation. With a hefty tax bill & few draft picks, will trades for stars like DeRozan be their play? Team unity is tested as trade rumors swirl. #NBA #Curry #TradeTalks #GoldenStateDynasty

Title: “Warriors’ Crossroads: Trading Future for Curry’s Closing Window”

In the midst of a taxing season, the Warriors face a critical juncture: evolve around star Stephen Curry or stagnate. Balancing a whopping $186.3 million tax bill and sparse future draft picks, Golden State may need to gamble on trades, eyeing talent like DeRozan and Kuzma. Meanwhile, tensions emerge as Thompson rides the bench during crunch time, only for the team to secure a controversial win. Curry and Green publicly back Thompson, advocating unity and resilience. As trade whispers grow, the Warriors’ dynasty confronts its most defining challenge yet.

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