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Barkley Charges NBA Stars with Fan Desertion over Load Management

🏀 Charles Barkley takes a stand on #NBA load management! Advocates for a 70-game minimum, saying players owe it to fans and the league. No more 65-game slack, says the hoops legend. 🏆 #Basketball #CharlesBarkley #LoadManagement #SportsTalk

“Charles Barkley Calls Out NBA Stars on Load Management: ‘Play 70, Not 65 Games’ – In a bold take, basketball icon Charles Barkley sides with NBA load management rules, advocating for a 70-game minimum. His candid criticism targets players like Joel Embiid for the 65-game controversy, emphasizing fan-deserving action and league funding stakes. Barkley’s stance makes clear: superstars’ duty is to the game and its supporters.”

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