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Pac-12’s Tournament Survival Rides on Showdowns, Mountain West Strategies

🏀 March Madness looms and the Pac-12 is heating up! Oregon Ducks face a do-or-die with USC, while Cal takes on Arizona. High stakes as MWC eyes a deal with WA State & OR State. Who'll secure their spot? 🏆 #MarchMadness #Pac12 #CollegeHoops #BracketBattle

“March Madness Prep: Pac-12’s Battle for Brackets Intensifies”
With the approach of March Madness, the Pac-12’s tournament hopes are on the line. The Oregon Ducks’ critical showdown with USC could make or break their tournament resume, highlighting a weekend of pivotal clashes including California’s challenge at No. 11 Arizona. As teams grapple over rebounding, turnovers, and sharpshooting, the Mountain West Conference eyes a strategic alliance with Washington State and Oregon State for future basketball seasons. These moves underscore the high stakes in college hoops as postseason positions hang in the balance.

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