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Hakeem’s Hail to Şengün: 21-Year-Old Sensation Blends Era Styles Like a Pro

🏀 NBA legend Olajuwon lauds Şengün's unique fusion of old-school and modern play at just 21! Averaging 21.9 PPG, he's the Rockets' new star to watch. 🌟 #NBA #HakeemOlajuwon #AlperenSengun #HoustonRockets #BasketballEvolution

“NBA Icon Hakeem Olajuwon Hails Rockets’ Rising Star Şengün for Blending Era Styles: At 21, Alperen Şengün is storming the league with a stunning 21.9 PPG, 9.2 RPG, and 5.1 APG, captivating Olajuwon with his versatile play that merges classic and contemporary basketball brilliance.”

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