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Bat Wars: Victus and Marucci Rule, Franklin vs Nike in Gloves – 2023 MLB Season Shows Innovation and Boldness

Swing for the fences with #MLBBatWars! 🏟️ Victus & Marucci lead the pack as over 50% of starters choose them. Glove game strong with Franklin & Nike. Plus, the rise of ProHitter aids & Lizard Skins wraps! ⚾ #BaseballGear #GloveReport2023

“MLB Bat Wars: Victus and Marucci Dominate as 2023 Glove Report Reveals Top Brands’ Grip on the Game. Over half of MLB starters swing with these industry frontrunners, while Franklin and Nike battle for the glove game. Innovations like ProHitter aids and Lizard Skins wraps take center field, with a few bold hitters like Grisham and Carpenter daring to go bare.”

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