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Patrick Sandoval: Unlikely Star Shakes Up MLB Trade Talks

Injury hits Angels' pitcher Sandoval amid MLB trade buzz. His stats & control make him a dark horse in negotiations. Will teams pivot from big names like Alonso & Verlander? 🤔⚾️ #MLBTrade #Sandoval #BaseballTalks #TradeDeadline
Image source: yardbarker.com

“Sidelined Sandoval: A Curveball in Trade Talks – Despite his unremarkable ERA, Angels’ pitcher Patrick Sandoval’s promising stats and control through arbitration have positioned him as an unexpected yet potential game-changer in MLB trade discussions. With an injury throwing a wrench in the works, teams eyeing fresh talent might need to reassess their targets amid injury woes. The article delves into how under-the-radar players like Sandoval could outshine stars like Alonso and Verlander post-trade deadline.”

Sandoval, Patrick Sandoval

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