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New England’s Quarterback Conundrum: A Tale of Draft Hope Amid Belichick’s Legacy

🏈 The Patriots face a QB crossroads in the post-Belichick epoch. Will the No. 3 draft pick be their saving grace? New England's fate collides with 6 teams in a draft-day duel for the next franchise leader. 🎯 #NFLDraft #PatriotsPeril #QuarterbackQuest #DraftSalvation

“Patriots in Peril: Eyeing Draft Salvation Amid QB Uncertainty”
As the Patriots navigate the post-Belichick era, a quarterback quandary looms. With Mac Jones’s progress stalling, New England’s No. 3 draft pick could be a franchise reboot or a vital addition. Meanwhile, the Vikings’ quarterback pursuits face serious competition from six other teams with pressing QB needs, making the 2024 NFL Draft a high-stakes battleground for potential signal-callers and the teams that desperately need them.

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