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Comebacks & Quarterback Quest: Vikings Rely on Hockenson and Jefferson in Turnaround Bid

🏈 Minnesota's playoff dreams rest on T.J. Hockenson's comeback & a pivotal QB choice. Will Hockenson's return and Jefferson's star power overturn a 7-10 past? QB decisions ahead for 2024. #Vikings #NFL #ComebackSeason #QuarterbackHunt

“Vikings’ Future Hinges on Comebacks and Quarterback Quest: Minnesota pins playoff hopes on the recovery of their record-setting tight end, T.J. Hockenson, and a critical decision at QB. With a challenging 7-10 record, the team anticipates Hockenson’s post-surgery rally alongside star receiver Jefferson to fuel a turnaround, as quarterback uncertainties loom large for the 2024 season.”

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