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Midas Touch: Coach Prime’s Million Dollar Makeover Sparks 49ers’ Playoff Rally, While Mayfield-Vikings Clash Tangles with Reality

🏈 The #49ers continue their reign as NFL playoff favorites, while #CoachPrime turns gold for Colorado. Jamar Malone stirs the pot in Daphne, as Mayfield-Vikings talks hit a financial snag. Diggs' future with the #Bills wavers & Risner's fate hangs in free agency balance. #NFLBuzz

49ers Defy Odds to Retain Top NFL Playoff Favorite Amid AFC Challenges; Coach Prime’s Midas Touch Rakes in Millions for Colorado; High School Football Sensation Jamar Malone Shakes Up Daphne Dynamics; Mayfield-Vikings Buzz Clashes with Fiscal Realities; Diggs Faces Uncertain Bills Future; Risner’s Viking Voyage Teeters as Free Agency Looms.

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