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Moody & Butker: Breaking Boundaries with Record-Shattering Field Goals

🏈 Record-shattering boots! #49ers' Moody nails a 55-yd FG, only for #Chiefs' Butker to top it with a 57-yd strike. Are 60-yd FGs the future? Witness the evolution of NFL kickers. #SuperBowl #NFLRecords #KickingLegends 🏟️👟

“Field Goal Frenzy: 49ers’ Moody & Chiefs’ Butker Shatter Super Bowl Records with Epic Kicks”

In a display of historic kicking prowess, 49ers’ rookie Jake Moody breaks the Super Bowl record with a 55-yard field goal, surpassing a record held since ’94. The feat was short-lived as Chief’s Butker fired back, clinching a 57-yarder. The Super Bowl stage spotlights the evolving talent of NFL kickers, approaching an era where the 60-yard mark could be the new norm.

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