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Blazing Trails: Katie Sowers’ Super Bowl Dilemma, Cardinals’ Strong Replacement Quest, NSD’s Program Pivots, and Ratumana Bulabalavu’s Trojan Leap

🏈 Torn allegiances for Katie Sowers at the Super Bowl, Cardinals on the hunt for Strong's successor, NSD's game-changing moments, and Bulabalavu's USC commitment - all in our sports roundup! #SuperBowl #NSD #Cardinals #USCTrojans

“Trailblazer Katie Sowers Grapples with Super Bowl Loyalties; Cardinals Seek Strong’s Replacement; NSD Highlights Program Pivots; Bulabalavu Flips to USC”

Explore Katie Sowers’ unique Super Bowl split, the Cardinals’ defensive line dilemma post-Strong, impactful National Signing Day storylines, and Ratumana Bulabalavu’s last-minute switch to USC in our latest sports deep dive.

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