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Vikings’ Defense Boost: Turner’s Impact vs. Penix Jr.’s QB Potential?

Vikings at a draft dilemma: Bolster defense with Alabama's Turner or secure QB future with Washington's Penix Jr.? 🏈 Cousins' $45M question looms large. #NFLDraft #MinnesotaVikings #DallasTurner #MichaelPenixJr #QuarterbackConundrum #TeamBuildingStrategy

“Vikings’ Draft Crossroads: Defense Now, QB Future? With Cousins’ uncertain tenure and a $45M decision looming, the Minnesota Vikings eye Alabama’s Dallas Turner for immediate defensive prowess, while courting Washington’s strong-armed Michael Penix Jr. as a potential second-round steal. As the NFL Draft buzz around QB selections intensifies, the Vikings strategize for a balanced team-building approach, weighing Kirk Cousins’ market value against drafting a future signal-caller.”

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