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Bachmeier Brotherly Bond: Top-Ranked QB Bear Chooses Stanford Over Colossal NCAA Giants

Bear Bachmeier, Murrieta Valley's star QB, commits to #Stanford, snubbing NCAA giants. With a 69% completion rate, he follows brother Tiger, aiming for a stellar #Cardinal career. 🏈 #CollegeFootball #Recruiting #QBCommit

“Bachmeier Binds with the Cardinal: Murrieta Valley’s Star QB Chooses Stanford Over Top NCAA Giants”
In a significant recruiting coup, Stanford secures Murrieta Valley’s elite quarterback Bear Bachmeier, the dynamic No. 11-ranked QB talent. With a commendable 69% completion rate and a near 4-to-1 TD-INT ratio, Bachmeier’s commitment overpowers interest from collegiate titans like Alabama and Oregon. His decision is swayed by familial ties, joining brother Tiger in the Stanford ranks, as he eyes an impactful collegiate career under the Cardinal banner.

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