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Rattler & Laube: Dynamic Duo Shine at Senior Bowl

🌟 Senior Bowl highlights: QB Spencer Rattler's sharp throws, RB Dylan Laube's swift moves, plus Ladd McConkey & Malachi Corley's drill domination catch NFL eyes! 🏈 #SeniorBowl #NFLDraft #RattlerPrecision #LaubeAgility #McConkey #Corley

“Senior Bowl Standouts: Rattler’s Precision, Laube’s Agility Shine as McConkey and Corley Dominate Drills – Despite occasional drops, the Senior Bowl practice saw emerging stars like South Carolina’s QB Spencer Rattler and New Hampshire RB Dylan Laube make waves with their skillful play. Georgia’s Ladd McConkey and Western Kentucky’s Malachi Corley also turned heads, proving their worth to NFL scouts with impressive drills and explosive athleticism.”

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