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Colts’ Zack Moss: A Budget-Boosting Backfield Upgrade for the Minnesota Vikings

🏈 Vikings set sights on cost-effective power-up, eyeing Colts' Zack Moss for backfield boost. Top-5 in YPR over expected, Moss could be a prudent pick over Mattison. 🎯 #NFL #Vikings #FreeAgency #ZackMoss #BudgetMoves

“Vikings Eye Budget-Friendly Backfield Boost with Colts’ Moss: Poised to sidestep the costly free agent market, the Minnesota Vikings are targeting Colts’ Zack Moss as a savvy financial move to strengthen their running game. Moss’s track record as an effective three-down back and his top-five ranking in yards per rush over expected marks him as a prudent choice. With a potential two-year, $3.75 million deal on the horizon, Moss offers an economical upgrade over the Vikings’ underperforming Alexander Mattison, whose 2023 season fell short of expectations, casting doubts on his future role.”

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